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Website Design and Development

With more then 100 clients around the United States, Impression Technologies can offer a full-suite of website design and development options. Technically, we can assist with the assignment of a domain name, setup of hosting space and making sure that your website can be seen by search engines such as Google and Yahoo (called Search Engine Optimization or SEO). In additional to standard HTML coding, we can support more advanced and rich-content technologies such as Flash and JavaScript, as well as dynamic, database-driven sites utilizing php and MySQL. We can also assist you with more specialized website needs, such as secure certificates, online forms and other integrated technologies.

We can also provide all of the graphic design and photo editing services necessary to make your site visually stunning and give your organization the best possible image on the web. Using the leading, industry-standard applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, we can handle all of the photo editing and design needs to prepare photos and graphics for the web. This enables us to optimize all of the website’s content to load quickly and look as professional and engaging as you want your organization to appear.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you’ve ever searched the web using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you’ve probably seen those paid listings that appear at the top or to the side of your search results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the fastest-growing form of marketing today. Through SEM (also called "pay per click" or PPC), you can “buy” certain keywords relating to your business so that when a visitor to one of those search engines searches for the terms most relative to your business, they’ll see your ad with link directly to your website. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. Google also offers ad campaigns covering radio, television and print newspapers.

Google AdWords Qualified Individual

Impression Technologies is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Through this program, we have met criteria set forth by Google, as well as passed a certification exam requiring specialized training in how to most effectively utilize online search marketing. We can help you to select the best keywords, decide the optimal bid levels, write ad copy and monitor your program on a regular basis to ensure that it’s working to drive leads and potential business to your website. We are also experienced with the Yahoo! Sponsored Search program and have had great success achieving additional sales and other conversions for our clients via these services. Google and Yahoo! represent a substantial percentage of the overall online search market, with MSN being the third largest player.

A standard proposal document outlining Impression Technologies’ Search Engine Marketing program is available upon request.

Print and Graphic Design

Our print studio can cover a wide array of projects. From advertising, business cards, marketing literature and other small jobs, to larger projects such as brochures, multi-page programs and product packaging, we are a full-service studio. We have also successfully provided clients with more complex design projects, such as free-standing counter displays, and can assist with designing your materials to create the most-effective presentation possible.

We can either provide finished artwork in industry-standard formats such as Illustrator (.ai) and Acrobat (.pdf) to your print shop or manufacturer, or we can work with our business partners to deliver finished products to you directly. Our goal is to provide you with all the services needed to complete your product on-time and as effectively as possible.

E-Mail Marketing

One of the fastest-growing means of reaching current and potential clients and customers is through e-mail marketing. Building, maintaining and using effectively an e-mail marketing address list can be a cost-effective, efficient and immediate way of building awareness of your products and services.

Impression Technologies is a Constant Contact™ business partner, using this valuable service to help with developing your e-mail address list, while keeping in compliance with the laws covering e-mail marketing and ensuring that your e-mails don’t become spam.

We can design your e-mail marketing campaigns for you, using HTML to design custom templates that can match your website or other marketing materials to maintain a consistent image to your customers across all of your marketing efforts.

The Constant Contact™ service also permits you to track the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns. You can track the number of recipients who opened your e-mails, how many clicked on the links included in the e-mail itself and which links produced the best results.

Media Relations

Does your organization need to issue press releases to the media and then handle media inquiries about your products and services? Impression Technologies has experience with the preparation and editing of press release content and the distribution of those press releases to relevant press outlets. We can also serve as your primary media contact to ensure that your organization is viewed positively by the media and they get the information they need about your products and services.