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Information Technology

No business or organization can function and grow without the proper systems to support it. Do you need to select the right e-mail server, desktop PCs, phone system, copiers or printers for your office? Do you need to network your office, or upgrade an existing installation? Impression Technologies can provide consulting and assist with every aspect of information technology planning and then complete the project or work with a third party to make sure that project is accomplished on time and budget.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a means of electronically transmitting business transactions between trading partners. A standard in several industries, including automotive, retail and supermarket chains, many large company will only issue purchase orders and accept invoices electronically via EDI. EDI is also the primary means of providing advance ship notices (ASNs) to large retailers and distributors. Impression Technologies has designed and implemented EDI systems for several different market segments, working with several VANs and translator packages. We also have experience with related technologies, including online electronic product catalogs and vendor compliance. [ Click here to read more about our EDI consulting services. ]

Programming and Application Development

Often, off-the-shelf applications do not provide the functionality needed for some specific task or internal process. In these cases, it can be worthwhile to develop custom applications that address the specific needs of your organization. Application development can either involve the use of existing programs to perform some specialized task, such as automating the creation of an Excel spreadsheet, or having your shipping software automatically pass manifest data to another system, or the development of an entirely new application using an industry-standard development environment such as Microsoft Access or Visual Basic.

Application development can be a long and complicated process. We can assist every step of the way, from needs assessment and definition through the design of the application and its development. As with all of the services that we offer, we can continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance for all of our projects.

Inventory Control Systems

Inventory control is one of the most important processes many companies face. Inventory control involves the receipt of inventory from suppliers, the storage and movement of inventory within your warehouse or facility and compliance with customer requirements as inventory is packed and shipped. Inventory control systems include bar coding, hand-held scanning systems and RFID. We can help you to meet your customer requirements for bar coding (including UPC and UCC-128), design inventory and shipping labels, select and setup printing and scanning equipment and help ensure that your inventory is properly managed and processed.

Application and Desktop Support

Impression Technologies can provide support and training for the basic day-to-day PC and online applications that most business users need to accomplish their job in a correct and timely manner. These applications including the Microsoft Office Suite of products – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook – as well as online applications via browsers such as Internet Explorer. We can provide training and ongoing support for users, as well as help address PC problems and software issues that may arise during day-to-day work.

Hardware Sales and Software Licensing

Impression Technologies has business partnerships with many of the top brand names in the information technology field, including AVG Technologies, Authorize.Net, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, APC, Linksys, SonicWALL, AdTran, GoDaddy and Business Objects. This allows us to offer single-sourcing for all of your IT hardware and software purchases and services.